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#3 Dieter Ammann – full of energy and depth | #swissmusicprize winner 2018

Dieter Ammann leads a double life. In his jazz-funk guise with «Donkey Kong’s Multi Scream», he improvises at dazzling speed on bass, trumpet and keyboards.

As a composer, he writes complex pieces rich in detail. His orchestral work «Core – Turn – Boost» at the 2011 Lucerne Festival was a major international success. Bursting with pulsating energy and sonic creativity, his works deliver a profoundly physical listening experience that is very rare in new music.

Produced by Federal Office of Culture, Bern
and Collection, Paris/Lausanne

Project Management - Martine Chalverat
Direction - Julien Chavaillaz
Image - Bryan Lehmann
Production -Julien Chavaillaz & Collection
Direction of production - Annie Gisler
Sound - Grégoire Pasquier
Translation - Nicolas Cacheux
Editing & Calibration - Mathieu Cacheux
Graphic Design - Noémie Gygax

schweizermusikpreis.ch, 19.06.2018

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